Santa's Reindeer Poop

Santa's Reindeer Poop

Oleh Miss.D, I wanted to make a special Christmas inspired recipe for in laws this year. Took the Oreo lumps of coal recipe and added a couple candies. Great to give out as gifts, especially for kids

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20 Mins
16 Servings

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Langkah 1
Melt butter in bottom of large stove top pot
Langkah 2
When butter is melted add marshmallows slowly and stir until fully melted
Langkah 3
Use a food processor to grind Oreo cookies (with icing) until completely ground
Langkah 4
Add ground cookies to melted butter and marshmallow and stir until completely mixed
Langkah 5
Pour mixture into greased non stick 13x9x2 baking sheet, push M&Ms and gummy bears on top of the squares and let cool in a refrigerator, I leave it over night for good measure but a couple hours should do the trick ;)


    2 box Oreo Cookies (ground in food processor)
    1/2 stick non salted butter
    1 packages marshmallows
    1 packages M&Ms peanut
    1 packages gummy bears


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